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Martinique is one of the most beautiful island in the whole Caribbean, its amazing natural beauty is matched with its rich history. In 1635 this island was taken by France and since then it’s in the possession of that country. Allover it’s a tiny slice of heaven. This island has tropical climate and eastern wind blows thorough it.

Fort-de-France is the main city and capital of Martinique; it has more than 100,000 residents. Architecture of the city is very colorful. French culture is prevalent all over the island.

This island is one of the most beautiful island on the whole Caribbean Sea, and its beauty is matched by its richness of the history. Martinique has rai forests, mountains and lovely bays and luscious beaches.

As Martinique was earlier under the colonial rule of France, so today there are many buildings and architectures present which have a great influence of French Architecture.

The original Carib tribe left the island when Europeans arrived the island. Today the people living there are from African and European ancestry.

Martinique economy is based on trading things, agriculture in which sugar and rum production is the main part. Banana export is also the part which is contributing in the economy. Martinique has a unique and diverse culture of French-Indian traditions.

With palm trees perched all near the live volcano, Martinique is the description of the only refined French-Caribbean island having abundance of flora.

Under the French rule, Martinique island’s living standards are improved. So, living life there is very much easier. Start finding your dream house with Caribbean MLS listings.

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