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If we talk about Dominica, it’s not about beaches, entertainment and resorts, it has lush green landscapes and great scuba diving sites. This island has very striking green landscapes and they are incredibly lush because of the frequent rain showers. And if you dig a little deeper you will found amazing hot water spring. Dominica has the second largest hot boiling water lake.


All over Dominica has all the wealth of nature; so, if you love to explore nature secrets and have the opportunity to do hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and scuba diving, then Dominica is the right place to invest. Find your dream house in Dominica.

Dominica has rich culture and history emphasized by music and dance. The water around Dominica has 22 species of whales and dolphins. Dominica is the prime whale watching destination all over the Caribbean islands. Beaches has black sand having some golden strands. Dominica has more than 40 plus diving sites.

Earlier Dominica was under the British rule, but on 3rd November 1978 they got independence from their rule. Although financial service industry is also booming but Banana production is the economic mainstay of Dominica. And today also there are around 2200 Caribs live there. Later banana production comes down and then Dominica start focusing and investing in tourism; and this action has driven the economy of Dominica to great heights.

Caribbean MLS Listings offers you the list of exclusive properties on the land of unspoilt beauty where culture is preserved. Dominica is the trailhead of the adventure and exploration, unlike the other Caribbean islands. The treasure of Dominica encloses amazing volcanic peaks, boiling waters, underwater champagne springs, sparkling waterfalls, rainforest canopies and rushing streams.

Dominica is totally a nature island and living there is also very cheap. So, if you are planning to move to Dominica after your retirement, then it’s the best idea.

View Dominica real estate listings and buy the best affordable pristine land and spend your vacation and free time here peacefully.

Welcome yourself on the land of rivers and the stunning waterfalls of Emerald pool.