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Cayman is a British Oversea Territory located in the western Caribbean. The whole Cayman Island is a group of three islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) which was formed by large coral heads covering submerged ice age peaks. Grand Cayman is the largest island out of all of the three. Tourism is the mains sector that affects the economy the most in Cayman.

If you are a great diver or love diving than you will love the three sibling Cayman Island having so many diving sites. If you are looking for complete relaxation, exciting night life, and awesome underwater sights then Grand Cayman is the perfect place to have your dream house.

If you like adventure and with full of nature excitement that Cayman Brac is the best island to invest. Explore amazing limestone caves and sink holes; and if you are a bird watcher than there are more than 200 hundred species of bird to discover. Breathtaking cross hiking trails and other exotic flora and fauna.

Last but not the least- Little Cayman Island have empty white sand beaches and wind blowing palm trees. Best place for peace.

This island has tropical marine climate and it offers you the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. The diving site at the Cayman Island has a spectacular view bountiful marine life. This island is famous for its diving sites more than 100, crystal clear clean water and soft, white sand that makes the beaches exceptionally pleasant and attractive.

So, if you are a diver and want to spend your every day of the year diving to a new location to explore the incredible aquatic life, then Cayman Island is the place where you should own the house on the whole Caribbean.

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